So good, so bad

Note to self : it’s not so hard to stop acting like I have a very interesting life. It is very depressing and it makes me realize how pleasant it is to fake things, but, whatevs man.


4 thoughts on “So good, so bad

    • Hi Ben, thanks !
      Never thought anyone would read the shit I write, seems like I was wrong.
      Keep on keeping on !

      • You are welcome, welcome, welcome. What would make your life more interesting, in your opinion? I want to know! 🙂

      • Once I’m welcome, I come unattended, beware !

        Well, my life would be more interesting if I stopped posting shit on here and got out to see the world.

        But on a side note though, what I actually mean, is that life will never be interesting enough. When I say that I’m stopping acting as if it is, I mean that I am embracing the fact that I am an unsatisfied prick, and that I will always be. This is what makes my life interesting : believing that it’s not.

        Keep on keeping on.

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