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Voix de Garage on Garage Punk Pirate Radio

Hello everyone, dear followers and all the rest,

Voix de Garage #3

My radio show, Voix de Garage, has posted its third episode on ! It’s in english and french (a mix) and it’s all about good music (better than what I post on here). I hope you like it. You can follow us on facebook here : We have weekly episodes in french too 🙂

See you around !
Much LUV,



These guys are friends of mine, so I feel gently impelled to promote their new album, even if I’m not a big fan…it’s not that I don’t like what they do. It’s much more than that. It’s the fact that I want us to be rivals. Being all part of the second generation of the same musical scene (geographicaly and regarding musical genre) we made different choices. Or in other words, we didn’t make any and reproduced blindly what our fathers did. But the rivalty doesn’t just perpetuate itself, it grows because we feel the need to feed it. And we find new reasons to justify itself, and we, as actors learn to define themselves around it, in it. And what could (should) be seen as a given information of contextualisation is actually a third actor, a muppet alternately animated by the actors. The context is an empowered agent.